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Blade & Soul: Revolution is now available on mobile

Blade & Soul: Revolution is now available on mobile, but for now limited to select Asian territories, and news about a full global launch are set to follow. But if you're part of the territories where it's available (or just hyped for the game to launch where you are now), the game is available for both Android and iOS.

Blade & Soul has been out for PC in Korea since 2012, but only launched in Western territories in 2016. The MMORPG boasts an enormous character customization system - and let's be real, many of us spend a disproportionate amount there because the character needs to look just right. Gameplay footage of the mobile version shows both the character creation screen - no less customizable than the PC version, it seems - and the type of gameplay we've come to know and expect from triple-A MMOs on mobile, complete with flashy effects.

Combat is aiming to serve up the depth and skill-intensive combos of a fighting game. Each of the game's four characters offer their own special skills and combinations to master. You can also team up with another player to land devastating joint attacks.There's a big focus here on weaving a grand story, with over 150 high-quality cutscenes to hopefully enjoy. It's an epic tale of revenge, following your quest to track down and slay Jinsoyun, your father's killer.

Visually, it looks fairly impressive, although the gameplay above does feature the usual pop-in that still plagues many open-world games on mobile. It's another Unreal Engine 4 title, much like the similarly lavish Dragon Raja before it.

You also have a pretty big open world to explore. Though keep in mind that when you start the game you'll get to do less exploring and will have a tutorial to go through. Which more or less holds your hand through content to help familiarize you with the game's controls and features. There's also an auto-mode which navigates you to quest locations and quest turn-in locations. The game won't play itself at all times, but it can get you to your destinations without you controlling things yourself if you want to give your fingers a brief rest. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Blade and Soul Revolution Blue Crystal from at a reasonable price.
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