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Duolingo announced several updates for the language-learning app

EdTech provider Duolingo is tapping AI to advance its efforts to teach millions of people dozens of languages. The moves were front and center at the company’s recent Duocon event.

The new courses, which will roll out over the next year, were revealed by company founder Luis Von Ahn during Duocon, an annual language learning event first held in London in 2019.

The five will join the over 40 languages and 100 courses currently available on the app.

At its annual Duocon conference on Friday, Duolingo announced several updates for the language-learning app. Among them is a family plan, which gives up to six people access to Duolingo Plus with a single subscription.

The plan includes benefits like unlimited hearts (so you can keep learning for longer after making mistakes) and an option to keep your lesson streak going if you happen to miss a day. Subscribers won't see any ads in the app either. New features include a hub where you can review all of your mistakes and a more advanced Legendary Level to put your language skills to the test.

First up, Duolingo Plus is gaining two new features: Mistake Inbox and Legendary Level. The former is a hub where you’ll find all your mistakes so you can work on them. The latter is an “extra-hard” level that will put your knowledge and skills to the ultimate test.

Plan included Like an unlimited heart (so you can learn for a long time after making a mistake) and if you miss a day, it is an option to continue the flow of your lessons. Subscribers will not see any ads in the app. New features Included A hub where you can review all your mistakes and more advanced legendary levels to test your language skills.

Duolingo’s standard form of engagement is a short batch of questions that fit into five-minute segments so a user can work on them while waiting for a phone call or riding a subway. Settles explained that the company also uses the constantly shifting rankings to ensure questions start off easy, rise in difficulty, and then end with some harder, more engaging questions.

The new languages were revealed alongside new updates and changes to the app including Duolingo World, which will use machine learning to build text to speech voices for characters, and updates to Birdbrain AI, the app’s personalised learning system, which will have new features to generate the difficulty level of lessons.

Duolingo Plus costs $80 a year or $12.99 a month and offers ad-free access to the platform. You also get unlimited hearts, quizzes, and much more. All this will be now available to up to six family members at just $120 a year. With the new Duolingo family plan, subscribers will be able to add five more learners to their accounts. Because “language learning is better together,” the company says. It’s unclear though how existing Duolingo Plus members can upgrade to the family plan which, unfortunately, doesn’t have a monthly payment option.

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