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EA has announced a new Adidas promo,called Do not stop until you are up to 99

FIFA 22 is less than a month old, and we are already drowning in special cards. Featured TOTWs, OTWs or Record Breakers – and now, a new event has been announced. EA Sports is working with adidas on a new special card that will give previously selected players a massive upgrade. The slogan "Don't stop until you're 99" gives you a hint.

It’s an exciting promo, and not least because it brings a new concept to live FUT cards; starting in late November, several hand-selected players will be given Adidas cards, which will then be upgraded via EA SPORTS selection across the rest of the FIFA 22 season, culminating in a super-boosted new card.

This is how the promo should work: In the course of the season, various special cards will appear, each of which will boost a value to 99. However, this should be a process and the cards should not have the 99 stat.

FIFA 22 Adidas 99 start date
In a recent Twitch stream, EA announced that the Adidas 99 event will kick off in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on Sunday, November 21, 2021.On this date, we’re expecting an entire lineup of new cards to go live in packs, with SBC players and objectives also possible.

It’s unclear at the moment if there will be one batch of Adidas 99 players or two, as this new promotion appears to be shaking up the normal release format.

Which players get these boosts?
So far only Giovanni Reyna has been officially announced. If you take a closer look at the promotional video for the new promo, however, you will see various soccer stars in connection with the number 99.

  •     Jude Bellingham
  •     Ciro Immobile
  •     John Felix
  •     Timo Werner

How do FIFA 22 Adidas “99” cards work?
The new Adidas cards will be hand-selected FUT stars that will receive focused boosts through a live system across the FIFA 22 cycle. That means one of the six front-facing stats on their cards will climb over the next few months.

As already mentioned before, one certain stat will be focused on. Over the following months, the player will keep getting upgrades until he hits the 99. We have not yet been told how long these kinds of upgrades will last, but it will probably go on for a few months, otherwise the event would be OP af.

FIFA 22 Adidas 99 predicted players
Since this promotion is backed by sportswear brand Adidas, it’s safe to say that the players chosen to be included will be endorsed by the German company.

Many of the game’s biggest names have penned deals to wear Adidas boots on the pitch, so there is plenty of scope for some great special cards.

Possible Adidas “99” players
  •     Mo Salah ⁠— Liverpool
  •     Thomas Partey ⁠— Arsenal
  •     Chancel Mbemba ⁠— Porto
  •     Alvaro Morata ⁠— Juventus
  •     Archraf Hakimi ⁠— PSG
  •     Luke Shaw ⁠— Manchester United
  •     Jamie Vardy ⁠— Leicester City
  •     David Alaba ⁠— Real Madrid
  •     Ciro Immobile ⁠— Lazio
  •     Leon Goretzka ⁠— Bayern Munich
  •     Son Heung-min ⁠— Tottenham
  •     Paul Pogba ⁠— Manchester United
  •     Luuk de Jong ⁠— Barcelona
  •     Timo Werner ⁠— Chelsea
  •     Joao Felix ⁠— Atletico Madrid
  •     Diogo Jota ⁠— Liverpool

As we said, there’s a plethora of superstars that EA SPORTS could pick from in their new Adidas promo, if they wanted to go in that direction ⁠— we’ll have to see.
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