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EA Sports Announces NHL 21

nhl 21 coins for sale The NHL series is the latest EA Sports sports series to run on the old Ignite Engine. And if you expected the NHL with the number 21 to be the one that would break this curse of the series then unfortunately we will have to disappoint you. EA Sports has announced a new NHL game and it looks like we'll have to do more or less with the same game we saw last year.

While the gaming industry may seem to be over the brunt of the epidemic the truth is that some titles are only now paying the price for the global health crisis: the latest example is NHL 21 which has been postponed from its usual release date so from September slipped to october. Related to this the current generation has also become the focus of development so the next-gen hockey on the PS5 and Xbox Series X has yet to be seen. Fortunately the ice hockey title coming this fall will run on next-gen machines.

A little more important is the information that we will not see a version for next-generation consoles this year. NHL 21 can be played on them but only in backward compatibility mode so the new hardware will not give you a better experience than the existing console. It is not yet clear whether the game will be updated in the future which will use the power of the next gene.

The decision not to create a next-gen NHL was made clear by the developers saying that instead of the demanding process of porting the game to a brand new engine they decided to focus on the innovative features of the game on the current engine. In real terms however this means that the team that makes up the NHL game is too small to handle both the development of a new game and the transition to a new engine. offer cheap HUT 21 Coins XBOX One/PS4 for you! All NHL 21 Coins Order are 100% hand-made. We guarantee fast and safe transaction.

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