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FIFA 18,how to save every penalty

FIFA 18 may have got universal acclaim but it’s not without its problems.

One gamer claims to have figured out how to save every single penalty when playing against the AI on Legendary difficulty.

During the set piece, you have to move your keeper slightly to the right, then back to the middle again when the opposition player begins his run up.

As they strike the ball, move the keeper back to the right – and chances are he’ll save it.

The clip seems to be going down a treat with FIFA fans on the game’s dedicated Reddit thread.

One gamer wrote: “It works I’d say 85-90% of the time.

“You also have to be careful that you get back to the exact middle. Going just a bit too far the other way won’t work.”

Earlier in the week, we revealed there’s a way of telling which way someone is going to shoot when playing against a human opponent.

FIFA 18 expert Ovvy claims there are three things you need to do to save a FIFA 18 penalty on Ultimate Team.

1. It’s all in the head
The penalty taker’s head always follows the arrow on the screen.

If the arrow is moved left or right, the player’s face will follow – essentially revealing where they are going to aim.

2. Watch those corners
Most of the shots taken in a penalty usually end up in the bottom right or left corner, so that is where you should be focusing your defence.

Hardly any will go to the top corner or straight at the keeper – it’s far too risky.

3. Leap late
Penalty takers can also change direction half-way through taking a shot to throw off the keeper.

Wait until the last second before diving so you can judge where their head is facing.

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