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FIFA Mobile Attack Mode enters the Season 3

EA Sports says that they have one more change to carry out as FIFA Mobile Attack Mode enters the Season 3. EA is adjusting where players started when a new season begins. This is something that EA wanted to do for Season 2 but time constraints prevented them from doing it in time.

Season 3 features two brand new forms of “currency” – gems and VIP points. The former is now being handed out as reward for completing quests and daily warm-up activities, as well as other things, at multi-variate levels. Gems can be used to purchase packs from the store, as well as purchasing the “VIP Pass” once you reach FIFA Champion (the pinnacle status of VSA game mode). Gems themselves can be purchased using FIFA Points.

As for the VIP points, it’s nothing but a system to determine your VIP rank. Previously, I guess, the paying players did not feel a sense of pride in spending their hard-earned money on this hardly well-thought out mobile game. Or that they were getting their money’s worth from purchases.

The VIP rank is simply a loyalty-based rewards system. The more FIFA Points you purchase, the more VIP Points you accrue and the higher your rank. These ranks also unlock offers as you move up through the levels, which are available to purchase with, you guessed it, FIFA Points. I suppose this system is a slight upgrade on the prior model if you’re a pay-to-win type player. However, for those who keep their wallets in their pockets a bit tighter, this creates an extra level of temptation that is hard to ignore.

FIFA Mobile, although an amazing looking game, is too complex for the everyday user looking for a way to spend their time engaged with the world of soccer. The cash-grabbing mania that is there for all to see is understandable to some extent—businesses have to make money—but there has to be a better way for EA to navigate that struggle than by shaping the entire user experience around it. The center of the game should be the same as the fundamental essence of soccer. Instead of making the game about skill, simplicity, and unpredictability, EA has made it hierarchical, sophisticated, and most defiantly predictable. Moreover, provides Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.
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