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How to complete Robin Gosens brand new Road to the Knockout SBC in FIFA 22

Robin Gosens is te eptiome of a late-bloomer, now 26, it is only in the last couple of years that he has truly come on the radar of soccer fans with his performances for Atalanta and Germany proving him to be one of the best wingers in the world.

EA Sports added two Rulebreakers versions of Robin Gosens from Bergamo Calcio to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team today. You can choose between an 86-rated card that focuses on Shooting or an 86-rated card that has better Defending after you complete a squad-building challenge (SBC) that has two segments.

For Gosens’ Player Pick, you’ll be able to choose between two different versions of his card once you complete the SBC. One gives a massive boost to shooting, and the other gives a huge upgrade to defending.

Here are the challenges that you'll need to complete in order to obtain the Player Pick for Robin Gosens:

Serie A TIM: Exchange a Squad featuring players from Serie A TIM.

    Number of Serie A players: Min. 1
    TOTW players: Min. 1
    Squad Rating: Min. 83
    Team Chemistry: Min. 75
    Reward: Mixed Players Pack

National Duty: Exchange a squad featuring players from Germany

    Number of players from Germany: Min. 1
    Squad Rating: Min. 84
    Team Chemistry: Min. 70
    Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack

If you don't know Rulebreakers are cards which take a particular attribute of the player and drastically change it, making a very different player than that seen in the real-world, a recent example being Marco Verratti, who was made as strong as an ox for his Rulebreakers card. Some of these cards also offer up two versions of the chosen player and with Gosen being such a force at both ends, one gives him a ferocious shot and the other makes him a defensive lynchpin.

The Rulebreakers Gosens Player Pick SBC costs around 45,000 FUT coins on any platform. EA is requiring two squads in the solution. One is an 83-rated squad with 75 chemistry minimum, one Inform, and at least one Serie A player, while the second segment asks for an 84-rated team with 70 chemistry minimum, and a German player. You’ll have until next Friday, Nov. 12 to complete the SBC.

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