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Mafia Definitive Edition was not an open world game

The Grand Mafia Gold Mafia: Definitive Edition has already proven that it'll offer a much better experience than its series counterparts when it comes to re-releases and this latest trailer debuted at Gamescom Opening Night Live strengthens the claim even more. The remake looks like any other game released on PlayStation 4 nowadays with footage that touches on the original's more memorable moments. That includes the classic car race of course.

What you get then is the same story tone world and characters as the original classic – but rebuilt in an all-new game. With a remake your options are to be faithful or to be bold and Hangar 13 appears to have struck a healthy balance with a strong leaning towards the former.

Mafia was not an open-world game--and its remake isn't one either. The large city of Lost Heaven is more of a canvas than a playground to revel in open-world hijinx and engage in a plethora of side-missions. This fairly expansive location mostly serves as the backdrop for its story while simultaneously offering atmosphere and a sense of scope during the game.

This is a game that could easily be a linear experience with its mission structure – but instead it’s set in a great big charming open world. It stands apart and this remake seems to understand what makes the series special. It’s a shame that this name seems to fundamentally under-represent what a huge effort this project clearly is.

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