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MLB The Show 21 new update will be adding the iconic Field of Dreams

MLB The Show 21 players are going to be in for a treat this week when a major new update for the popular baseball sim rolls out. Notably, this new update will be adding the iconic Field of Dreams to the game, which was seen in the classic 1989 film of the same name. And best of all, this new update is slated to roll out across all iterations of MLB The Show 21 in the very near future.

A PlayStation Blog post explains the meticulous construction Sony’s San Diego Studio put into this new park, just as much as developers would do in the months-long process it takes for a regular-season MLB facility.

“As stadium construction in Iowa had yet to be finished,” when developers started work, said environment artist Shawn Robles, “our designers needed to research previous construction projects from the builder to craft all the minute details that would make a true-to-life stadium interior. Ultimately, our designers aimed to create a playable, in-game replica that gives the Field of Dreams the respect it deserves and is something that we, the fans, and the players would be proud of.”

While the original field from the movie set remains, the MLB has constructed a full-size replica down the road. This has the dimensions of a professional baseball field, as well as capacity for up to 8,000 fans, while still retaining the iconic crop backdrop. After a year delay due to coronavirus, the Yankees and White Sox will take to the Dyersville field this week, as both teams push for the playoffs.

The original field’s modest dimensions (281 feet to left, 314 to center, 262 to right!) made a bigger park as much of a necessity as extra seating to handle 8,000 fans. (Diamond Dynasty players would no doubt farm extra-base hits and XP all day long at such a park, too.) The temporary site is intended as an homage to Chicago’s first Comiskey Park, which hosted its final game one year after the movie’s premiere.

Within the program, SDS has provided an ample amount of ways for players to earn these cards. As you’ll be able to complete the following activities within MLB The Show to earn points towards Clemente and Hernandez.
  •     Conquest
  •     Showdown
  •     Moments
  •     Online Missions
  •     Offline Missions

Once you’ve obtained 100 points, you’ll gain access to all the rewards inside the Field of Dreams program.

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