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Old School Runescape was once pulled offline for the billionaire bug

Every Old School Runescape player dreams of one day attaining the most gold you can possibly carry: 2.147 billion, the fabled "max cash." Due to a bug introduced in an update this morning, for many players that dream suddenly came true: countless OSRS players received max cash stacks from sources which would normally yield a few thousand gold. As a result, roughly 20 minutes after the update went live, developer Jagex outright turned the game off, temporarily disabling all servers while they look into the gold duplication bug.

One Jagex developer, who goes by the mod handle Mod Ash, discussed the issue on Twitter, confirming that "max cash stacks" were "being generated on death if you had certain items." Mod Ash also said the OSRS team is working on a rollback—that is, reverting the game to its state before the bugged update, effectively undoing all the duplicated gold as well as everything else that happened in the 20 chaotic minutes following the update.

July 12th, 2018 is immortalized in the dusty archives of OSRS history. A day that began like every other suddenly became one filled with shock, astonishment, and bans. That day a new update for the thieving skill went live. Everything was proceeding as usual, Jagex released an update log, players were getting on with their activities, whether it was skilling, PvMing or PvPing. By the way, you can buy Cheap OSRS Gold from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

After the update went live, nobody noticed anything different for some time, some people didn’t notice anything at all and only read about it on OSRS page or heard from friends later. Everything happened so suddenly many players were left wondering why they can’t log into the game. PvPers were the first ones to catch on. A popular streamer Purpp was streaming his PKing adventures live when suddenly he looted his victim’s corpse to find a whopping 2147M gold on it!

Players quickly caught on and realized this was a bug. Everyone acted according to their conscience: some players went straight to Jagex to report the issue, some went on a hunt for more gold and others used this opportunity to get themselves virtually free bonds. Of course, all who abuse a bug eventually get banned and this case was no exception. A better way to become an OSRS billionaire is to simply buy OSRS gold, rather than abuse a bug.
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