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Psyonix has offered further details about Rocket League’s upcoming Item Shop

Psyonix had previously revealed Blueprints in Rocket League as a replacement for loot boxes. Now, it has offered further details about Rocket League’s upcoming Item Shop. The Item Shop will be a brand-new way for browsing in-game items in Rocket League.

For starters, the Showroom is getting tossed out to make room for the new item shop, which is simply called the Item Shop. Accessible from main the menu, it will work like most item shops in games. There will be featured items on a 48-hour timer, in addition to Daily Items on a 24-hour timer that will attempt to get you to log into the game everyday. Once these timers expire, new items are cycled in. As for the items themselves, Psyonix says all types of in-game items will be included, from Painted Cars to Exotic Wheels. If you want to Buy Rocket League Money, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

DLC packs are also being tossed out. If you already own them, you can keep their contents, but from next month's update nobody will be able to purchase them. The items they contain might end up in the Item Shop at a later date, but Psyonix isn't guaranteeing it. One thing that's staying the same is the Esports Shop, which will be sticking around and continuing to let you spend tokens on items.

While the new systems are meant to add clarity to Rocket League's microtransactions, I find it just as convoluted as most models. It's not egregious, but it's wild that this obtrusive thing where you're still being rewarded with items you can't use until you buy a bundle of credits is an improvement.

Following next month’s update, all Premium DLC Packs will no longer be available for purchase. If you already own any items from the DLC Packs, you will still have those items in your inventory. Items from Premium DLC Packs may return for individual sale in the Item Shop at a later date. As for Esports Shop Items, those will still have their own space in the Esports Shop tab and will continue to be available for Esports Tokens.
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