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Roblox announced a partnership with Columbia Records

Roblox MeepCity Coins Roblox announced a partnership with Columbia Records that will allow it to bring a virtual concert experience featuring Lil Nas X to its gaming platform. Notably this will be Roblox’s first-ever virtual concert and follows similar events that have been held during the pandemic like the “One World: Together At Home” concert to benefit WHO in April and Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert hosted in-game which attracted 12.3 million concurrent players at its peak.

When he performs his new single “Holiday,” in addition to past hits like “Old Town Road,” players will have the chance to see and hear those tracks from multiple in-game stages inspired by Lil Nas X’s music. In addition to finding collectible tokens in those spaces and minigames they can play with their friends players will have the chance to buy concert merch with Roblux’s in-game Robux currency. Moreover the stages will showcase the latest rendering technologies the studio has baked into the game. And ahead of the main event there will be a Q&A session with Lil Nas X for players to check out.


These performances accelerate a trend that’s been happening for years: games have been turning into virtual hangout spots and every concert gives players another reason to spend time together online. “Maybe when we were in high school you’d go to the mall or basketball court,” Jon Vlassopulos Roblox’s head of music told The Verge. “I have an eight and a 10 year old. They meet at a game on the [Roblox] platform.”

This isn’t Roblox’s first foray into music-based events either. The game held an album launch party for pop star Ava Max just last month Roblox Meep City Coins which saw over a million people attend.

After Fortnite Roblox is a great target for any prospective live event. The game is absolutely massive having over 100 million active users. The title is obviously keen on these kinds of collaborations too so I expect we will see more in the very near future. then you are at the right place for purchasing MeepCity Coins special price 100% safe no hack no cheats will happen real sellers real stocks! Shop now!

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