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Shadow Fight 2 integrates a number of RPG elements into its gameplay

Shadow Fight 2 is a combat/fighting RPG game where players progress through levels of increasingly difficult fights. The objective is to consistently upgrade armour and weapons to meet the new challenges present with each level, and to battle a range of demons. The skills required to play are spatial/visual, motor skills and lateral thinking.

It comes to Nintendo Switch with everything that came in the Special Edition, a bonus chapter that sheds light on the characters’ past, the Full Eclipse mode and, for the first time, the chance to play local multiplayer.

The all new on-screen touch based controls were designed specifically to work with the gameplay of Shadow Fight 2. Without feeling clunky they provide you with three simple buttons. The D-Pad for movement, and a punch and kick.

You start out with a handful of basic moves, but as you level up and progress through the game you’ll earn in game currency which you can spend on new moves to take down your opponents.

Shadow Fight 2’s fighting mechanics are pretty solid. Combos aren’t terribly complicated, but the strategy of the game is. The game’s AI is pretty good at playing keep away, making this a game of patience as much as violence. Fighting consists pretty much of kick, weapon attack, block, and movement. You almost never want to be the one who makes the first move, as it’s far more advantageous to wait for an opponent to miss and the counterattack. This can lead to some pretty long fights, though, and rounds only go for 99 seconds.

The overall style in Shadow Fight 2 is also exceptional. The backgrounds look very nice, certainly, but the smoothness and extensive variety to the animations of the various combat styles is hypnotic. Fabric sways, limbs snap with a believable force, and it’s incredibly easy to imagine all of this happening in three dimensions despite everything being a single silhouette. The way the game sometimes slows down dramatically as a finishing blow connects (or just narrowly misses) is just gravy.

There are tons of different opponents to fight, so if you’re think your near finished you’d be wrong. Your shadow fighter will have to journey through six different worlds with plenty of fighters in each, all leading up to the battle with the demon boss shogun.

Like a lot of games nowadays, Shadow Fight 2 integrates a number of RPG elements into its gameplay. First, completing fights grants you three things; experience, money, and gems. Experience is automatically applied, and like every game with experience points, when you gain enough you grow a level. Levelling up grants you new combo moves and skills that activate if you hit different requirements in battle.

Shadow Fight 2 is a game that I would recommend to friends, which says a lot. It does a great job blending two different types of games together and makes them fun and addictive, and adds in lush art and level design along with some pretty cool music to make the game feel more engaging. The graphics are pretty decent and all the animations look pretty cool, and the in-app-purchases aren’t in your face at all which is typical of a lot of free to play games. In the end, Shadow Fight 2 is well worth the time.

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