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The Improvements of the Collection of Football Stars’ Facial Information in FIFA 18

When it comes to FIFA series, we all have our own ideas about its gameplay, modes and graphics. However, what we know is just the tip of the iceberg. We often ignore the fact that a small step forward also gets lots of efforts involved. And improvements of the collection of football stars’ facial information will promote a more wonderful experience in FIFA 18.

The More Clear Face of a Football Star in FIFA 18
We made a comparison of faces from FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 in one picture to show you that it will become easier for us to make out a footballer in the later one. Owing to the better use of Frostbite 3, FIFA 18 is going to make a great progress in its graphics. And the more detailed information collected from a face is beneficial to the graphics too. They will work together to achieve a fantastic effect. You will be amazed at that you even can see the texture of skin in FIFA 18.
/FIFA 18-more clear face

The Collection Work Backstage
A picture exposed online contributed to our understanding of the collection work. We begin to know how they make the face within the game as real as possible. There is a large quantity of lens used to capture their facial information. And one footballer just need to sit here and wear different expressions occasionally so that all the expressions will be collected through those lens. Then they will be used according to the specific situation. Even though we are in the virtual world we can see the sincerest smile on the screen due to their efforts. What’s more, more and more football stars are willing to take part in the activity so that we will not be troubled by artificial faces of our favorite football stars any more.
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