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Wanuxi and MapleStory M Have Send Auto Battle Charge Ticket 30min Props

MapleStory M mobile game has been officially launched. The MapleStory M mobile game is a 2D side-scrolling action game where players can move through the virtual joystick and fight and release cool cool skills. MapleStory M also inherits the spirit of MapleStory. In addition to restoring the original gameplay, both characters and monsters use the design style of Meng Q, which is very cute and easy. And we, Wanuxi, also want to send some gifts to help you take risks in the game.
Here, from now until October 31, we will send the game's props Auto-Battle Charge Ticket 30min to the players. Players only need to enter the following password to receive the Auto-Battle Charge Ticket 30min item.
Is the method very simple? However, we should explain that each account can only be picked once, and only one at a time. In addition, we will send 2,000 Auto-Battle Charge Ticket 30min props, the current serial number is only available for the Android platform. So players have to seize the opportunity to receive this free item.
MapleStory M role career introduction and skill analysis. MapleStory M role career introduction and skill analysis summary. If you are you looking for more about Maple Story Mobile Mesos check out our website. MapleStory M in the novice should choose what career is better? The following small series brings you the MapleStory M role career introduction and skill analysis summary.
Gunslinger General and Dragon's Sacrifice
The special effect of the dragon's sacrifice is very characteristic. The short-term explosive ability is very strong. As the saying goes, premature aging is prematurely dying. The 20-second short-lived explosion is not a long-term solution. What will be done after 40 seconds? You can try to give up the stability of the mountain, add a dark puncture to make up for the gap period.
The Dark puncture
There is no need to say more about continuous output stability. If you give up the stability of Taishan and add to the sacrifice of the dragon, the output will have a large increase, and the cooling will be used. The two schemes are basically the same and complement each other. God skills 80% of the attack bonus, plus the attack speed of the anti-sky, undoubtedly makes the sharpshooter become a powerful export party, the low output of each segment is also fatal, so it is not the first throne.
The Shower arrow
Compared with the storm and the rain, this set of plus points is bleak and even canceled, but it also has a role as a group skill and a wide range of attacks. Daily tasks, leveling, and copying can all be used. of. If you want to make a high output or give up this set. As a main output, the only way out is to constantly strengthen your own attack. The skill setting makes the hermit particularly eye-catching on the single strike. The effect of the fake action can be used in the monster group for a short time.
A small range of group skills can speed up the pace of the leveling, but there must be some loss, strengthen the group damage, the output of the unit will naturally decline, coupled with the skill adjustment after the taunt effect cancellation, this skill is also greatly reduced. The cooling time is lengthened. The preparation time is a bit too big. The time from the release to the end of a skill is enough for the bishop to read half and cool down.
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