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we will go over what we think are the 5 best Madden games of all-time

American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States of America, next to basketball and baseball. This means there are millions of fans who want to see, play, or experience this sport in any way possible. So it is evident that something so popular will have its franchise of items such as purchasable goods, clothing, and, more specifically, video games.


The Madden franchise has been around for over 30 years, dating back to its inaugural game in 1988. Since then, technology, as well as the Madden franchise, has evolved and changed over time. Of all of the games that have launched since the series’ inception, which Madden titles are the best? We’ve got our list, as we will go over what we think are the 5 best Madden games of all-time.

1. Madden NFL 11
Last but certainly not list we have Madden NFL 11, a game that was almost universally praised by fans and critics alike. Despite being one of the most casual-friendly entries in the series, NFL 11 also had plenty to offer to hardcore players. In addition, back in 2010 (when the game launched) EA wasn’t focusing nearly as much on microtransactions as it does today. That meant you got a very good bang for your buck and didn’t have to worry about buying Mut 21 coins like you do with Madden NFL 21. While not necessarily the best Madden NFL game of all time, it is the best of the past decade in our opinion. Which is a bit ironic given that it was also the first.

2.Madden NFL 16
Madden NFL 16 sits at a much better user score compared to the previous entry. This means the game has done a lot of things right for the fans of the series. The game uses the Ignite engine and carries a lot of good stuff from Madden NFL 15. This is why it receives a lot of positive reviews from fans and critics. The new Draft Champions mode was highly praised by the fans as well, and most considered this to be the step in the right direction.

3. Madden NFL 13
Madden NFL 13 is a bit unusual, as it is one of the few entries that didn’t get a mobile port. Instead, that year EA decided to try its hand at PlayStation Vita and Wii U ports, which turned out surprisingly well in hindsight. The game was very good regardless of where you wanted to play it .

4.Madden NFL 17
One of the 2016's Madden game's most prominent features was a new ground game mechanic that resulted in much more balanced gameplay. This turned out in the game's favor, making Madden NFL 17 a delightful game. Most of the critics have liked the new defense AI in the game and have praised its Franchise Mode as well. However, there was one thing a lot of fans and critics disliked about this game, and that was its commentary.

5. Madden NFL 18
The 18th entry in the main series is another divisive game that did great with the critics but very poorly with players, especially those on the PS4. Similar to the aforementioned title, NFL 18 brought with it a new game engine, Frostbite. This is the same engine used by most EA games and helped make NFL 18 the best looking entry in the series up to that point. The game wasn’t necessarily mind-blowing in a lot of other areas but it was certainly a solid entry overall.

If you're wondering, "What are the greatest Madden NFL games?" or "What is the best Madden NFL game of all time?" then this post should answer your questions.

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