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WoW Classic Burning Crusade increases the maximum level to 68 from 64 previously

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic is currently undergoing beta testing ahead of its impending launch, and players might have noticed a bump in the level cap. Previously it was 64, however it's now been pushed to 68.

Players chosen to take part within the beta check will obtain an e-mail invitation directing them to obtain the beta shopper instantly from the Battle.web desktop app.

The good news is that extra invitations might be launched through the beta, which means that there’ll nonetheless be loads of time to hitch earlier than issues wrap up.

Other changes with the beta include making sure that area-of-effect damage caps work correctly, rectifying a few off-kilter class spells, and helping that the poor lil’ Fel Reaver walk the right way.

Full patch notes for in the present day’s modifications might be discovered under, courtesy of Blizzard:


Art and Visuals

    Fixed a range of points to lighting and fog results.
    Outlands zones are presently lacking some floor foliage and element objects.
    Fixed a problem the place male Trolls had an invalid pores and skin colour possibility.
    Fixed a problem with Crust Burster’s spell visuals.
    Fixed a problem with FelReaver’s motion animation.


    Fixed a problem the place area-of-effect injury caps weren’t functioning correctly.
    Teleport: Moonglade is now not lacking from the extent 58 Druid character templates.
    The Hunter potential The Beast Within now capabilities correctly.
    The Paladin potential Seal of Blood now correctly performs its main injury impact.
    The Paladin potential Pure of Heart now correctly will increase resistance to curses and illnesses.
    The Priest potential Pain Suppression now correctly will increase resistance to Dispel mechanics.
    Shaman totem buffs are actually displayed within the buff checklist.
    The Warrior expertise Second Wind now triggers on Immobilize results.

So far, Blizzard has not offered a full launch schedule for the Classic Burning Crusade expertise.

However, the real relevant bit is the level cap increase, as it signals that we could be seeing The Burning Crusade Classic inch ever closer to a full launch on WoW's classic servers. For those players who don't want to transition to TBCC just yet, when the expansion launches there will be separate Classic servers to help retain that pre-Crusade feel.

However, based mostly on earlier Classic betas, followers are hoping that the TBC beta will finish in late April and might be shortly adopted by an enormous realms launch.

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