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Rogue Company,Among the novelties is the new mercenary Kestrel

Rogue Company, the online shooter from the creators of Paladins available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, announces the beginning of its first season. The game was already available in open beta since last summer, and since October it is free to play. This update adds a new character and a battle pass, as well as paid editions with various benefits.

Among the novelties is the new mercenary Kestrel. It is now accessible for free, just play games until the unlock requirements are met. Within her universe, Kestrel is one of the founders of the Rogue Company, which is returning from its retirement to face Jackal's threats. The character has the arsenal of two new automatic weapons, in addition to being able to fire drones with her skill. Her unique advantage can turn into a battle: refueling, which allows you to replenish your supplies after killing an enemy.

This new character comes with a Battle Pass containing around fifty rewards. Anyone can level up and get Account Boosters, but Hi-Rez has also provided a Premium Battle Pass costing 1,000 Rogue Bucks. In the latter, players will notably find the One Shot outfit for Fixer. In addition, the developers announce that Rogue Company now has a Ranked mode, divided into Ranks and Division. Finally, Hi-Rez unveils three new premium packs:
  •     The Mercenary Edition (€ 4.99) - Unlocks eight Mercenaries from last year, plus 500 Rogue Bucks
  •     The Year 1 Pass (€ 24.99) Unlocks in advance all eight mercenaries coming out this year, plus 500 Rogue Bucks
  •     The Ultimate Edition (€ 49.99) - Contains the previous two packs, and gives 500 more Rogue Bucks (or 1500 in total)

So that every player finds an appropriate place in the ranking, developer First Watch Games divides the ranking mode into stages and these in turn into divisions. In many MOBAs, shooters or other esports-oriented games, this division already ensures a performance-based promotion and relegation as well as fairer matchmaking for the players. For this reason, Rogue Company is also introducing placement matches, group restrictions, and seasonal rewards.

Remember, Rogue Company is available for free on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is a third-person team shooter, which highlights its varied roster of 8 characters, which will be expanded with another 8 characters in 2021 through seasons.

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