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Warface players can now experience the Swarm Season

MY.GAMES has released a new update for Warface as players can now experience the Swarm Season. Yes, that is correct, they don't number seasons, they name them. This update is currently only available on PC, and it features a special co-op PvE mission under a code name inspired by 1980s horror classics. Have fun guessing what the films are as you play. They've also added in new PvP maps, four brand-new weapons, new sinister enemies, and a number of new seasonal rewards for you to collect.

At the center of the new season is the special operation, Swarm. It takes place in a town on the border of the Mojave Desert where people have started to mysteriously disappear. The Warface forces has been told that the Blackwood corporation held samples of an unknown life form from the ship of Martian colonists. The strange creatures have broken free and are now posing danger to all living beings. To combat this threat, the Warface corporation has sent out the elite Sigma-3 squad. Squad members will need to escort cargo through enemy territory and defeat the entity that controls the insects. Team coordination will be vital for success.

Special Operation "Swarm"
Enjoy the atmosphere of classic horror films of the 80s! The dawn haze will be a harbinger of the nightmare that you will have to live in reality. The pitch darkness that reigns in mysterious laboratories and damp tunnels of a grim underground bunker will make you shudder from every rustle and shoot into the darkness. Well, soldier. Welcome to "Swarm"!

New PvP Maps
In addition, new PvP maps have appeared in the “Grinder” mode: “Alleyways 2.0”, which is a small Middle Eastern village with winding streets, and “Outskirts 2.0”, which takes place in the slums of a South American city. The “Team battle” mode has been replenished with an atmospheric “Tunnel” map based on the events of the “Swarm” special operation.

Seasonal Rewards
By advancing between leagues, you will be able to grab temporary weapons of the "Chitin" series and boxes for crafting "Parasite" guns. The higher the league, the better will be the box you can receive. The most valiant fighters will be rewarded with up to 1000 cards for the desired gun. Don't miss the chance to replenish your arsenal with cool arms!

New Enemies
Arachnids are fast and dangerous predatory mutant beetles that prefer to hunt in the dark.

New Boss
The arachnids are controlled by something huge that lurks in the depths of an underground complex. Players will need the most powerful weapons available if they are to deal with this monster.

Finally, the developers recalled that support for the technology was added to Warface earlier this month. NVIDIA Reflexthat allows you to measure and reduce system latency in the game.

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