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How To Transfer FIFA 15 Coins To Your Main Account

How To Transfer FIFA 15 Coins To Your Main Account 
Method One
Use Your Own  Player 
Tips: Use  High Quality Player Will Be Faster To Transfer Coins 
1.List Your  Player With The Highest Price To Transfer Market. Take a Note About Your Player Details For Easier Check Later( Such As Number Of Owners, Date Issued, Special Start Price And Duration)
2. Log In New Account And Go To Transfer Market To Search The Player  u Listed And Buy Him.
3. Re-List The Player You Just Bought With Lowest Price 
4.Log In Your Main Account And Buy Him 
5.Repeat Those Steps, And Transfer The Coins By Each Player's Price Between Lowest Price And Highest Price To Maximize The Value. 
NOTE: You'd Better List The Player With a SPECIAL Start Price And Buy Now Price So That You Can 
Find Him Easily.
Question: If  i Don't Have High Quality Player Or Coins To Purchase Some For The Trade ?
Answer : You Can Buy a Small Package And Open It For a New Player 
Method Two
Buying Low And Selling High 
1.Check How Many Coins Left In Your Account
2.Go To Transfer Market To Search Players
3.If The Players Are Sold At The Low (Min) Price And You Can Afford It. Buy It
4.Sell It At The High (Max) Price
5.Use The New Account To Buy The Player. You Will Get Coins 
6..Repeat Those Steps To Transfer Coins 
For Example
1.There Are 50K Coins Left In Your Account.
2.You Find a Player Whose Price Range Is 50K - 100K, And He’s Being Sold At 50K 
3.Buy Him And Sell Him At 100K
4.Use Your New Account To Buy The Player
5.The Coins In Your Main  Account Will Increase To 100K
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