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fifa 14 coins for sale
FIFA 15 is so keen to show what it is doing differently, that its changes are more in service of the feature list on the back of the box than the quality of the simulation itself.
Is FIFA 15 better to play than last year? The short answer is no. It's so different that it will frustrate as many fans as it delights, based on thei...
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fifa 14 coins for sale
All of the menus are easy to navigate in FIFA 14 Xbox One, and it is simple to move between modes and change up settings without waiting around.
I was so disappointed with FIFA 14 Xbox 360, but on Xbox One it is amazingly and unexplained different. It just feels so much better in every way. I ende...
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fifa 14 coins for sale
Who is Your Best Players with High Potentials in FIFA 14 Career Mode
Every time when the European football have new seasons, the fans of FIFA series would eager to see the latest version of EA sports’ football simula...
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fifa 14 coins for sale
FIFA 15 still have a few awkward cuts here and there, but for the most part players animations blend together better than ever.
As always, FIFA’s greatest strength is its accessibility. Even if you don’t know the first thing about soccer, it's remarkably easy to le...
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fifa 14 coins for sale
FIFA 15: The player models, though a little top heavy, have taken another huge stride towards photorealism
Off the pitch, FIFA 15’s menus feel less laggy than last year’s game and the ability to save up to three custom team sheets, each with their ...
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fifa 14 coins for sale
Off the pitch, shiny new menus hide a distinct lack of new modes--that is FIFA 15 in a microcosm.
This year's addition of FIFA is primarily focused on polishing up the graphics, the physics, and the AI. Player movement in particular is more fluid,...
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fifa 14 coins for sale
FIFA 15: Emotional Intelligence Makes You Feel the Game and Enjoy the Game
FIFA is produced by EA Sports. Some players might excited about what EA has improved. EA advertise FIFA 15 as “feel the game”, and just as it...
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