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A MoneyPak is a legitimate card sold by prepaid company Green Dot Corp

Green Dot Moneypak Card Green Dot is a financial services company that primarily offers consumers access to banking services through its prepaid cards. But unlike many of Green Dot’s other products, MoneyPak is not a prepaid card. Rather, it is a way for those without access to traditional banking services to send money to friends or family. Think of it as an expensive and more labor-intensive version of Venmo or Zelle.

A MoneyPak is a legitimate card sold by prepaid company Green Dot Corp. that has one job: moving cash from a retail counter onto an eligible prepaid debit card, including Green Dot- and Walmart-branded cards. It also works with some bank accounts.

MoneyPak can be purchased by the consumer and rung up by the cashier in the same way as any Green Dot product. Then, the consumer visits to redeem the value on the MoneyPak and load the funds onto any eligible prepaid card. The product started rolling out to Green Dot’s network of retail locations this month, beginning with Rite Aid and Kroger stores, and will continue to rollout in additional retailers throughout the year.

Green Dot warns consumers that fraudsters will often try to intimidate you, using fear to obscure your regular tendency towards scrutiny. It cautions not to reply to any emails asking for payment via a MoneyPak or give your MoneyPak information to anyone you have never met face-to-face. If you’re worried you may actually owe a business or agency money, call the business directly rather than relying on them to contact you. Even if you do owe money, legitimate businesses are not likely to accept MoneyPak as a form of payment.

A with suggested use at MoneyPak is a delightful monetary cash present for friends, family, and co-workers.
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