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Blizzard has now officially announced that WoW Classic The Burning Crusade Beta has kicked off

Yesterday we already covered that the beta for TBC Classic briefly appeared in the launcher. According to Blizzard, however, this was caused by a bug. Fast forward 24 hours and Blizzard has now officially announced that the closed beta has kicked off for those invited. Only those who’ve opted in for the beta and have been granted access are able to test the game in a closed beta environment. Luckily, more players will be invited throughout the course of the beta.

How to participate in the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic beta?
To sign up for the test, go to the World of Warcraft Classic website and click Opt-in to the Burning Crusade Beta. This will take us to the page section with a single "Opt-In" button. After clicking on it, we will see a confirmation screen.

Test invitations, as is usually the case with Blizzard beta access, are sent out in waves. The first batch of invitations was sent today, the next ones will be sent successively. Look out for an email from Blizzard with the information: Welcome to Beta.

In addition, the WoW will release the Blood Elf and Draenei races to the Horde and Alliance members, respectively. The maximum level will be increased to 70, and flying mounts will be available. To make evolution easier, Blizzard will sell character upgrades to level 58 in the store. The price has not yet been revealed.

Players who do not want to advance to the content of The Burning Crusade can keep the characters only in the base version of the WoW Classic. In this case, the maximum level will remain 60 and you will not be able to access the expansion areas or meet with other people who have chosen to update the game.

Burning Crusade will allow you to transfer your characters from World of Warcraft Classic to continue the epic story of Azeroth, unless you want to start from level 1 with the two races that came with this expansion: Draenei to the Alliance and the Blood Elves to the Horde.

The beta does not have content restrictions, so you can go up to level 70 and tour the areas of Nagrand, Zangar, or the Hellfire Peninsula, among all the areas available until this patch.

Within the game it will be possible to start the game from the beginning or copy a character from the WoW Classic account. It is important to note that the beta content may be incomplete and have bugs. Blizzard provides a dedicated button on the WoW interface to report errors in the trial version.

When will you be able to play The Burning Crusade Classic?
Beta tests indicate that the game is at an advanced level of production. Blizzard did not provide details: "soon" and "in 2021" are the only things we know. I suspect, however, that we will play the classic The Burning Crusade before the holidays.

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