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FIFA 18 Beta Testing Will Include Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Career Mode

Every player is looking forward to be selected as experiencer to explore FIFA 18 Beta testing prior to the official launch. But there are some limitations for the number of players, players from all over the word are competing for this quota fiercely, and the biggest attraction is FIFA 18 Beta testing will be available for Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Career Mode. the one who has been chosen needs to offer feedback to EA Sports, since he represent the general idea of majority of FIFA 18 players. Based on those feedback, the EA Sports will make some adjustments in order to cater to the public. for those who have great enthusiasm for FIFA 18, having been selected must be the most happy thing for them in this summer. Here, we will help you to achieve this goal.
At first, there are some requirements for those who submit an invitation application to EA Sports:
    You must have, at least, 18 years old;
    Your console’s account must be from UK or North America;
    You must have a Playstation 4 or XBox One console (FIFA 18 Beta is not available for other platforms);
    You must have played FIFA 17 regularly.

Have you fulfilled these requirements? Great. It means that you have chances to be invited. But how you can improve them? It’s very easy. Just follow these three simple steps:
    Update Your Contact Preferences
    Update Your Game Tester Program
    Update Your EA Sports FIFA Insider Status

If you don’t know how to do it, just follow these simple steps.
This will inform EA that you are available receive emails from them
1) Open your internet browser and go to Origin website;
2) Login into your Origin account;
3) Click in ‘My Account’;
4) Click in ‘Privacy Settings’;
5) Under ‘Contact Preferences’ check the box ‘Contact me about EA’s products, news, events and promotions’;
6) In the right panel, check the following three boxes:
FIFA, EA Sports and EA Games;
7) Click ‘Update’.

This will inform EA that you are available to test FIFA and other games
1) Open your internet browser and go to Origin website;
2) Login into your Origin account;
3) Click in ‘My Account’;
4) Click in ‘Privacy Settings’;
5) Click in ‘Game Tester Program’;
6) Check if FIFA is available in the right side of the screen. If it is check its box. If it’s not, coma back later if it was added.
7) Click ‘Update’.

This will ensure you get early news via your email and eventually the FIFA 18 Beta invitation
1) Open your internet browser and go to this page;
2) Login into your account;
3) Check the box ‘Yes, email me about products, news, events and promotions consistent with EA Privacy and Cookie Policy’;
4) Confirm that FIFA is checked on the ‘Preferred Games’ box;
5) Click ‘Update’ button on the bottom of the page.

You don’t have better chances to play the FIFA 18 Beta if you live close from EA offices, played thousands of FIFA 17 matches or are a professional player. Game advisors cannot authorize and provide email invites if you did not receive one. As you see, the best you can do to improve your chances to play the FIFA 18 Beta is to follow our three simple tips. Be aware that updating your contact preferences, your game test program and the FIFA Insider status may not be enough to be invited to the FIFA 18 Beta.
Not all players have the qualifications to play FIFA 18 Beta testing, only those who have pass the strict examination from EA Sports can try it. So players who have already submitted the application need to wait the final news from EA Sports, the invitation messages will be send by EA in August, every player has the possibility to be invited by EA. Players will receive invitations from their mail box, or account, or any other places that they said in your application. Just Pay attention to check your information! is a professional FIFA 18 Items provider, if you wan to Buy Cheap FIFA 18 Comfort Trade, you can visit our website and have a look.
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