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FIFA 18: EA Sports added details of occupational patterns

For those playing FIFA 18 Career Mode, you’re in for quite a surprise if you choose to sign a player from West Brom.

That’s because when you turn up to negotiations, their manager Tony Pulis, comes in wearing a cap.

As you are likely well aware, the manager is known for always wearing a cap in real life – so much so that he’s the target of a few jokes.

So, what better way to honour that than by ensuring he’s only seen with a hat in the game.

Speaking of Career Mode, some clever FIFA 18 modders have figured out a way to add real managers to the game.

Tons of new FIFA 18 files have made their way on to Modding Way – a site dedicated to tweaking and improving EA’s latest title.

They allow gamers to play Career Mode as Jose Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane, Jurgen Klopp and many more.

Instead of the random avatar, these new ‘re-skinned’ models will take their place in the transfer negotiations and cutscenes.

Amazingly, the site even gives gamers the ability to play as legends who are yet to try their hand at management.

This includes the likes of John Terry, Thierry Henry and Francesco Totti.

Mods are essentially changes to the game’s original code.

These range from minor upgrades to the graphics – adding more realistic grass, for example – to completely overhauling core game mechanics.

The downside is a lot of these mods only work on the PC version of the game – so those playing on PS4 and Xbox One will still be stuck with the random avatars.

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