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FIFA 18 World Cup qualifier starts this week

This year's FIFA is "an improvement in every area," so reckons Tom Hatfield in his review. And with improvements in mind, developer EA Sports is this year reworking its FIFA Interactive World Cup, replacing it with the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup event. The  tournament's qualifiers begin on November 3.

With a new name and new format, the FIFA eWorld Cup begins on Friday with qualifiers for the Global Series. Through this, 128 top-ranked competitors will then progress to the Global Series Playoffs, and then battle it out for a place in the Grand Final. That's in August of next year.

"The showpiece. The main event," says EA of the Grand Finale. "The place where stars are made and careers launched. The FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final will ensure a celebration of EA Sports FIFA at the highest level. Thirty two of the world’s best players, all of whom will have survived the global series, will compete to crown the undisputed king of FIFA at the Grand Final."

Again, the tournament's qualifiers kick off this Friday, November 3.

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