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How To Get Gibraltar Heirloom In Apex Legends: Apex Legends Heirloom Guide

Put out the dust on the boxing gloves and put them on the suitcase, because the fighting night activities have almost started. Another cosmetic-focused event in Apex Legends where players can earn and purchase exclusive items for its duration.
Similar to previous makeup events, Fight Night adds a new heirloom to the gentle giant Gibraltar that everyone loves. This weapon was mentioned in the recent Apex Legends digital comics, which was given to him by his ex-boyfriend Nik. Inheriting the heirloom of Gibraltar, this is clearly a futuristic variant of the Maui War Club, which usually uses shark teeth on one side. Given Gibraltar's reputation as a legend, it is not surprising that he is the next choice.
How to Unlock Gibraltar’s Heirloom & Apex Legends Heirloom Guide
What is the Gibraltar’s Heirloom in Apex Legends?
It may be unlocked within a few months after Season 8. Based on the photo leaked by the leaker @Biast12 (who was the first to post his picture), Apex Legends Gibraltar Heirloom looks like it is throwing something-an axe or a battle axe. However, players may not be able to roll the heirloom of Gibraltar. This is because the past Apex Legends heirlooms were mostly hand-made weapons.
The weapon images posted by Biast12 on Twitter clearly show that Gibraltar used this axe-type weapon in the season 7 mission. Only after it is officially available for unlocking can the exact nature of the weapon be known.
According to reports, the seventh season of the event will have a family heirloom from Bangalore. It is believed that this event is the return of "Holographic Day Carnival". Therefore, the Gibraltar Route is unlikely to appear this season. Another thing to note here is that, according to a statement issued by Respawn Entertainment, every legend is expected to acquire heirlooms at some point in the future.
How to Get Gibraltar’s Heirloom
There are two ways to earn heirlooms in "Apex Legend".
  • The first is during the "Fight Night" event, it requires you to purchase all the cosmetics in the event label through the "Fight Night" package.
  • Each pack guarantees that you will only get one cosmetic product from the event, but you will never receive duplicate cosmetics.
  • You will need to purchase a total of 24 loot boxes to unlock the heirloom of Gibraltar. You can only purchase event packs in groups of 10 at a price of 7,000 Apex coins, or you can purchase 700 700 Apex coins individually.
  • Breaking down the numbers, you need to buy $160 USD in Apex coins to have enough money to buy all the activity packs. Of course, this assumes that you bought two sets of ten each, and then purchased the last four sets of 700 coins each.
Therefore, unless you save a lot of money, don't expect to earn this thing soon. Please remember that there is no other way to earn money during the event.

If you cannot afford all these loot boxes, then you will have to choose the second option.
  • After opening 500 Apex packs, you will get 150 heirloom fragments that can be used to unlock an heirloom of your choice.
  • There is no way to keep track of how many Apex Packs you have opened. Fragments can be obtained before reaching the 500 Apex Pack mark. This is extremely rare and unreliable.
  • After obtaining the "Heirloom Fragment", you can purchase Gibraltar's heirloom after the "Night of Battle" event ends.
  • Just go to the "Shop" tab and select the "Heirloom" tab in the middle to display all the heirlooms you can buy with these shards.
  • Similarly, this heirloom will only appear after the event ends, so if you make some money during the event, just save it.
Remember, heirlooms have no influence or advantage on the game itself. So if you can't afford it, don't worry, because these are just luxury cosmetic choices. In addition to having unique melee and idle animations, they will not affect the gameplay in any way. Therefore, unless you are a hardcore Apex Legends player, there is no reason to reduce $160 USD for this. It's not worth that much money at all. We is a safe place to Buy Apex Legends Coins. Welcome to visit.
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