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KartRider: Drift is Microsoft’s new exclusive racer coming in 2020

KartRider: Drift would appear at first glance to be a fairly standard kart racer, but look beneath the surface and you'll find a couple of noteworthy additions that mix up the formula and help it stand out.

Right off the starting block you'll notice an immediate familiarity, as KartRider: Drift offers mechanics that would feel right at home alongside Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. There's weapon pick ups aplenty, drifting as expected, but also one or two interesting tweaks that skew toward a slightly fresher approach. While you can stack weapons in much the same way as other similar titles, you get to select when to deploy your boost from a successful drift. It adds an appreciated level of control that helped turn the tide in our favour on more than one occasion. If you want to Buy KartRider Drift Credits safe, you can come to for help. is the best online store that has about 10 years of selling game currencies experience.

In the recent closed beta, three main race modes were available to test out. The first, Item Race, is a classic Mario Kart like game mode. The race can be played either in 4v4 Teams, Duos, which unsurprisingly features four teams of two, or Solo, which is every man for himself. As you tear around the track, various containers can be opened to give your Kart a power up, either in offensive or defensive form. Those attacking opportunities feature the usual suspects, with missiles and banana skins, water bombs and obstacles placed on the track, while defensive options include shields that block incoming attacks and boosts to your speed. There is no better feeling in KartRider: Drift than drifting round the last corner of the race, triggering a boost as you barely straighten up and blasting past the other racers.

People should give KartRacer: Drift a shot when it reaches an open beta or full release, especially since the game will be free to play. Its almost evergreen popularity in South Korea and the presence of cross-play also mean that it'll be easy to find opponents for a very long time, even if you place near the back of the pack. With that said, the game is genuinely fun thanks to its unique weapons and wonderful presentation. The quick nature of each race also means that sessions don't last too long, and if the development team can consistently pump out new content, you may be looking at one hell of a kart racer that's not from Nintendo. For now, KartRacer: Drift is worth keeping an eye on.
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