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League of Legends is coming to mobile and console as Wild Rift

League of Legends will be coming to mobile and console platforms, Riot has announced. League of Legends: Wild Rift is the name of the port coming to mobile devices in 2020 and to consoles at an unspecified time. It's been 10 years since League of Legends launched on PC, and just in time for the worldwide eSports phenomenon's 10th birthday, Riot is bringing a version to mobile and console platforms tweaked for best performance.

League of Legends: Wild Rift was announced on the League of Legends 10th anniversary stream with a 2020 launch date. Pre-registration for a beta test on Android devices will open soon and pre-registration for iPhone and iPad users will be open later.

The game will not support crossplay with the desktop version, so don’t worry about any of the people in your solo queue games being a mobile player. It does, however, use your main League of Legends account, so you will get rewarded for being an avid League player. However, not every champion and skin will be available in this version of the game on release. If you want to Buy League of Legends Wild Rift Accounts, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Not all is fun and games, however. For players already familiar with League, Wild Rift might not provide the same level of depth. Players who are looking to play League on-the-go might be disappointed to see their favorite champion is not in the game or are different than what they are used to. Since games are shorter, there’s also a large possibility that there will be less room for strategic expression. Dual-stick controls might also be disorienting or difficult to play with for traditional PC gamers.

Wild Rift represents a big and exciting step for League and Riot Games as a whole. The game is set to roll out to mobile devices in 2020, with the console release coming later that year. Limited alphas are expected to begin in the coming months.
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