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NBA 2K21 Next Generation will come to on PS5

NBA 2K21 MT After putting our hand to the "old-gen" version of NBA 2K21 we were waiting full of curiosity for the opportunity to try the PS5 version of the title given the excellent conditions resulting from the recent gameplay trailers. The 2K title in fact benefited from a significant graphic upgrade (and not only) compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions prompting the American house to revive the game at a higher price on the new consoles. There was no lack of controversy that led several players to harshly criticize the commercial move of 2K considered the phenomenon of "microtransactions" which in recent years has had a significant influence on the reputation of the US publisher.

NBA 2K21 jumps into the new generation of consoles with a heaping pile of ambitious upgrades. On and around the court it’s one of the best sports game experiences I’ve ever had. The movement is fluid the presentation is startlingly good and NBA 2K21 leaves a lot of the franchise’s legacy issues in the dust. The rest of NBA 2K21 namely everything it does off the court feels like the first half of an alley-oop. There’s so much potential in the MyPlayer experience that it’s maddening that things feel so empty and heavily dependent on pay-to-win progression mechanics.

NBA 2K21

Available right now on Xbox Series X and soon on PS5 is NBA 2K21 Next Generation – and as the name suggests if you’re playing on a newer console this is the version you’ll want to hit up. Why? Well how do next-gen visuals and realism lightning fast load times an arena full of life and smoother tougher more precise gameplay elements sound?

“The first change is the one that is obvious,” he begins by saying. “It’s a game made for the next generation built to harness the power of both the Xbox Series X and Series S and the PS5. Movement lighting NBA 2K21 MT Coins the players have been scanned again ”. One of the aspects that stand out the most resides in the positioning and fighting of the ball by the players with a more realistic behavior that is no longer hindered when confronting several models at the same time. “You are going to see how they put their elbows in and how their arms and body interact in such a realistic way that it wasn’t possible before.”

For our part we have tried for a long time - as every year - the offer proposed by MyCareer. “The Long Shadow” the name of the new story in NBA 2K21 is undoubtedly one of the most successful in recent years able to offer a great proposal in terms of choices on the college phase. Once again unfortunately the presence of in-game purchases via VC (Virtual Coins) partly obscures the excellent work done by 2K and Visual Concepts. Will the NBA 2K series be able to shake off its addiction to microtransactions? is one of the best place to buy NBA 2K21 MT coins.Here you can find this kind of currency with the cheapest price safe and fast delivery!

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