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Neverwinter How I Play My Trickster Rogue Top in Server

Trickster Rogue is a kind of theft classes, the Sly Flourish is the best skill of it in my opinion. But I love the Oathbound Paladin too. To be honest, for every MMORPG I choose tank like classes for my first character, because it requires less tactic and provides more survival ability. It’s good choice for new gamers. A Rogue's abilities revolve around Stealth, allowing the Trickster to move unseen by most mobs and gain strategic advantage on them. The Sly Flourish deals combo attack to target, the final attack deals heaviest damage.
Dazing Strike of Rogue is a special class skill, it’s the decisive skill of this class. You will probably have Tomes of Experience saved from your main toon, but you shouldn’t use them yet. Cloud of Steel deals physical damage to single target. Today I went to The Cloak Tower, although lvl 3 players can go there, I’m not for farming there. Go to low level dungeons once in a while, you may found you old friends who afk for a long time and now come back!
Religion is the second skill of Oathbound Paladin, it’s not combat skill, but you can earn more Neverwinter currency from it. I recommend you add it max before lvl 30. The Benign Order of the Third Eye campaign also gives a free bag. I forgot to tell you the best way to get Cheap Neverwinter Zen - Buy on

Neverwinter Inspect Companion

The Sanctuary skills is the basic skill of Paladin, it creates a safe zone for you and your allies. Your physical and magic armor can be enhanced when you are in the Sanctuary. Archons are great companions, except for the Water Archon. They all increase your damage. The Fire and Air Archons both make great summoned companions, and they each have two ring slots, so they are easy to gear up! Cryptic Studio should change the graphics style of Tomb of the Nine Gods dungeon, it’s irritating. Oathbound Paladin’s Critical chance is 1%, provided by Wisdom, if you give him a gear with wisdom stats, you can make more critical attacks.
Castle Never is the final dungeon in Neverwinter, you should kill all creatures within 30mins to get the victory loot. Every stats take into effect in every combat. Sometimes I buried by some awesome bosses because I think I can undergo the tough war but finally lacking of 1 or 2 hp. Thievery enables you the vision of traps, so don’t worry about your low health, you will never be trapped, slowed, weakened, or harmed by traps, congratulations! You can get T6 weapons and armors from T6 dungeons, but there are no specific statistics on official wiki.
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