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ROYAL CROWN is available on iOS, Android and PC as free to play

Royal Crown is a battle royale game – a genre that involves short, sharp bursts of action-packed gameplay. But it’s also an action-RPG – a genre that involves its own share of action, but also long, campaign-driven gameplay sessions where you have to gradually build up your character through looting and upgrading. ROYAL CROWN is LINE Games first multi-platform title that supports cross-play between mobile devices and PC. The user interface design has been tailored for each platform to enhance the overall play experience.

LINE Games Corporation launched early access to its Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, ROYAL CROWN, on April 29 last year. The game is developed by Meerkat Games and has cross-play between mobile devices and PC mixing touches of MOBA, RPG and of course battle royal with a very Ragnarok Online touch.

Royal Crown is a cute fantasy battle royale with some unique abilities.

The battle royale epidemic seems to be coming to an end, but its echoes are still surfacing in the bowels of Steam. One such project was the Royal Crown, an attempt to blend several genres together.

Set in a medieval century fantasy world where magic and science exist, ROYAL CROWN is a fantasy -themed MOBA that has RPG elements. Players take part in big competitions to choose the strongest hero. Here, you can choose to play as a Magician, Archer, Assassin or others from 15 different classes.

You will have to devise different strategies to eliminate your opponents, in a smaller and smaller battlefield. Making the most of the environment, including monsters and resources to level up and improve your characters.

To celebrate the global launch of Royal Crown, LINE Games will host a special event that will reward you for seven days with in-game currency gold and various items.

ROYAL CROWN proposes battles with up to 60 players in different game modes, including the "Solo Mode" where we will fight to be the last man standing, as well as the "Squad Mode" which is a cooperative where players can test their skills to work in a team.

The Royal Crown looks pretty neat, pleasing the eye with a cute picture and the absence of pungent and eye-burning colors. All this is interesting, just to attract gamers and gain popularity it will take patience and persistent polishing of the balance.

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