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The EVE Echoes mobile MMO is officially available

After three years of collaboration, the studio CCP Games and the developer NetEase offer with EVE Echoes a vision of the universe of EVE adapted to Android and iOS mobile platforms. And if EVE Echoes notably uses the 8000 star systems of the original MMO as well as some of its sandbox characteristics, it is indeed a new fun video experience in its own right.

On the program, the pilot can embrace the career and the activities that correspond to him on the model of Eve Online. Exploration, PvE missions, mining, clashes between players, trade and industry nested in a global economy are therefore part of the game. All the components have not yet been implemented, including the sovereignty system allowing players to fight for possession of zero security systems.

Eve Echoes is an adaptation of EVE Online with a universe a little smaller to adapt to mobiles but a gameplay as complete as the MMORPG which capsizes the hearts of fans of SF and especially those of Star Wars that can here manage ships worthy of the saga. The object of the game for players is to control spaceships and to go in search of fortune and adventure in a huge galaxy ruled by a capitalist economic system entirely managed by the other players. Over 8000 systems exist in Eve Online, certainly a little less here. And if you want to Buy EVE Echoes ISK, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Much of EVE Echoes early leveling experience is centered around these missions and the space combat that quickly ensues. Focusing on combat and character skills, opening missions provide an exceptionally light touch look at how to approach EVE Echoes and get on the grind. Possibly balancing the mix of freedom and handholding a little far towards the experienced EVE veteran, the opening acts of EVE Echoes will vary wildly depending on your own experience with the desktop game.

Players with a good understanding of how they want to approach EVE Echoes will likely find the opening moments of EVE Echoes just as repetitive as I did but for various reasons. While the freedom to do what you want really does exist almost from the off, there are a number of character-based skills, and ship styled upgrade systems that players will need to master and unlock before making the jump up your tech tree to piloting frigates and beyond.
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