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the first class introduction in V4 since launch

V4 Red Gems On November 18 2020 the award ceremony of the "2020 Korea Game Awards" was held at the Busan eSports Stadium in South Korea and the MMORPG "V4" (PC / iOS / Android) being serviced by NEXON will be the grand prize. Received the "President's Award".

Today (November 12 2020) Nexon has released a teaser site that introduces the contents of the update to be implemented on November 25th in the MMORPG "V4" (PC / iOS / Android) being distributed. At the same time pre-registration acceptance has begun to receive rewards after the update is completed.


Specializing in ranged physical attacks Cheap V4 Red Gems the Archer class the first class introduction in V4 since launch is a class that deals devastating blows with a bow and arrow. With short skill activation times Archer can dole out swift attacks making her the fastest class in all of Syllunas! Using her bow and quiver the Archer has six skills that can be activated in lightning-fast succession allowing her to disrupt the battlefield with a variety of attacks that can turn the tide of any battle.

As previously mentioned there will be a series of limited-time events to coincide with the arrival of the Archer class. The first is a Check-In event that started yesterday. Remembering to log in for 14 days will net you the Brellan Gear set Rare Mount Pet and Companion. Not bad for simply switching on the game each day.

In addition in the technology / creation award category after selecting candidates through a specialized examination the award is decided in the form of reflecting 30% of the votes of experts. As a result LINE GAMES's "BURIED STARS" won the "Planning / Scenario Category" "V4" won the "Graphics Category" and "Sound Category" and "EXOS HEROES" won the "Character Category". shine.

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