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Who Will Take Over from Macro Reus as the Protagonist of FIFA 18

The publishers of EA Sports has never given an actual answer despite that people have a lot of anticipation of FIFA 18 and even some websites for FIFA coins has already promised to provide booking service. The only thing that is already known to us is that it will available to Switch except the old platforms of Xbox 360, Xbox One , PS4 and PS3.This maybe a trick of EA Sports to attract more fans of its game. Recently, the predictions of its cover athlete can be divided into different sides.

FIFA 18-the veil

Official Survey from FIFPLAY
Nowadays a survey from FIF play indicated that Messi is gonna be on FIFA 18 cover. In the voting competition, Messi is undoubtedly the winner. Announced to retire on June and made a return to Argentina National team in 2016, Messi has enjoyed most honors during his profession career by now. I believe all his admirers know something about his events. There is no need to give unnecessary details of his victory. Reus ranked fourth in the survey.

fifa 18-Messi

Messages from Micro Blog— Paul Pogba, Paulo Dybala
Several days ago saw the homepage of FIFA 18 which had Paul Pogba as its center and even the background of menu page is about him.However, another picture spread among net citizens showed Dybala is likely to be chosen as the protagonist.As far as I am concerned, Dybala will be more popular than Pogba just due to his outstanding appearance. We have been familiar with Pogba because his celebration activity has been added to the design concept of FIFA series.  And it is said that he will be the protagonist of the Career Mode. As for Dybala, it will add to the joy of Italians since he plays for Italian Club Juventus.

Paulo Dybala and Paul Pogba

Reasonable Explanations of those Information
You neednot worry about choosing one from Pogba, Dybala or Messi or the fans of each man will not have a fight with others. Messi is and will always be the protagonist of the international version. And Paul Pogba is for Xbox One while Paulo Dybala is specially designed for Italians.  We will be wordless but to admire greedy EA Sports who endeavors to expand its market all the time by all means.
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