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World of Warcraft Classic is a stubbornly authentic recreation

When you consider that games rarely go beyond a few years before their audience move on to bigger and brighter pastures, the fact that a title like World of Warcraft has persisted for fifteen is incredible.

World of Warcraft Classic is a stubbornly authentic recreation that will likely turn away many players. Once the retro MMO novelty wore off, I remembered what a cruel game WoW used to be. In Westfall, my dwarf hunter accepted a quest to kill Defias bandits that had holed up in the nearby village of Moonbrook. I'm used to being able to fight up to a dozen enemies at once, elegantly mashing a sequence of hotkey abilities to easily dispatch them. But in Classic, pulling even just two enemies was a fatal error that I accidentally repeated again and again—each death requiring a painfully long run from the graveyard to my corpse.

Meaningful progression in all its forms is the core of WoW Classic. Picking up a new blue item can double or triple your efficiency and make you feel like a god. Crafting and professions, which have been relegated to the realm of uselessness in the last decade of modern WoW, are important and essential; every scrap of cloth and every chunk of ore go into creating massive upgrades you show off in the main cities or sell to other players. Spending a day farming cloth to make a 12-slot bag to carry around your stuff is a lengthy-yet-rewarding chore, and winning a boss loot roll in a dungeon can change your reality for hours to come.

The thing about Vanilla WoW that a lot of people don't get; is that a lot of its magic wasn't found in its strict adherence to olden RPG sensibilities (though plenty of that is still there, like the need to kite or actually use crowd control [cc] in dungeons), but the lawlessness of it all. Players forged bonds looking for dungeon groups together, some of which persist to this day. Before you could simply "toggle it off," world PVP caused utter chaos, leading to people quitting the game entirely. Again, many of these ideas were done already (mostly all in Ultima Online), but the sheer popularity of WoW brought it to a different scale and allowed millions more to actually experience that entropy: for better or worse.

What's most impressive is how Blizzard managed to replicate not just the world of Azeroth, but the login experience as well. The first nights of Classic going live were met with queues of thousands of players, resulting in wait times that spanned multiple hours – so yeah, bonus points should be awarded for the developer's attention to detail on that front. Of course, server queues and issues subsided relatively quickly, leaving each server's army of players free to roam the lands of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms.

Some aspects to consider with WoW Classic – if you’re playing on several of the more popular servers, you may have to wait in a queue to hop on and play. Some critical quest NPCs or monsters may be highly sought after, depending on your server and zone, and may take forever to engage with. Even something as simple as collecting troll ears may end up taking hours, as tons of players are attempting to complete the quest at the same time, making every kill a contest. This will vary quite a bit depending on what server you’re on and when you play, but that’s the other side of playing in a world with thousands of other people all trying to do the same thing.

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