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WoW Classic streamer, Asmongold,planning a large dueling tournament coming in October

The most popular WoW Classic streamer, Asmongold, is giving back to the community with a large dueling tournament coming in October. This is a return of one of Asmongold’s previous projects, but now has funding behind it — a rather impressive one.

The arena-style tournament will see the game’s best clash head-to-head to prove they’ve created the strongest hero in Azeroth, and the concept has already garnered major attention.

wow classic

“There are a lot of people that thought this tournament was really, really good. There were even some people that thought it was so good that they’re probably going to give us $40,000 in prize money to give out for these tournaments,” Asmongold announced on-stream.

“To be honest, that’s only a very, very small amount of it. It could very well be much more, like twice as much easy,” he added.

The tournament will be held on Faerlina, Asmongold’s home server, and participants will be selected via try-outs. No more details are known yet, but Asmongold promises some updates soon.

The streamer also teased a PvE race-type competition to come, which will measure which guilds can beat Upper Blackrock Spire and Molten Core with the best time.

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